Monday, May 16, 2011

"Love's song..."

There are birds singing
outside my window

I cannot see them
but their song tells me
they are birds,
morning doves in fact
and I know
they are there
muted, softly-hued, and

How do I know this is

I know, because I know the
voice of birds,
I have studied their calls,
I have listened in the lavender light of dusk
and have waited in the stillness of the dawn...
I know the dove's song, its
character and syntax,
I know the nature of its sound,
the deep-throated cooing, the tone
the authenticity of message...

no magpie or
mockingbird can
fool me...
I have an ear for birdsongs
and I wait in stillness
for their true voicing...

So when my heart
hears Love's song...
it's tone

its character consistent
with its Source,
its message carrying within
its coding the
name and nature of
its Author...

I am not confused or
I have studied the voice of

Love's voice is within me
guiding my heart,
directing my footsteps,
enriching my affections,
filtering my words,
illumining my way...

When I know the character of
the Messenger,
the message is unquestioned.

Because like the morning dove,
Love only sings her
own song...

and I know it by heart...

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