Friday, May 6, 2011

"behind the closed door..."

he is in there,
behind the door he
closed on us

but what does he think he

maybe if he'd hurried,
not stopped for that Centurion,
gotten here in time...

but now,
she is gone

he is too late.

we told him, but
he insisted on seeing for himself
and he was
very particular about taking those "others"
in with him

what was he thinking
they don't even
know her

and what of her parents,
why would he put them through
give them hope
but of what...
that she will wake up,
ask for her cousins,
eat pomegranates and sing to
her father while he works

no it is too much
for them to bear...
she is gone and they need to
be able to mourn
to rend their robes,
to sit shiva,
and to honor her memory...
be cared for,
wept with...

that is their right

what is that...
what is that sound..

that is her laughter
as pure as a bell
as light as air
it is her,
she is laughing

it is true

it is a miracle
we must celebrate,
God has visited us,
the God of Israel...

in the music of her laughter,
our mourning has
turned into dancing...
praise Him.

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