Sunday, May 8, 2011

"dreaming her life away..."

before she was born I dreamed of
her in pink tulle and toe shoes

but those were my dreams

hers were filled with grass stains and
soccer balls,  wrestling puppies and
riding horses...

not in velvet helmets and
jodhpurs, but cowboy boots and
faded jeans.

sometimes we bring our children
forth into a world of fantasy...
of satin ribbons and
shirley temple curls,  football jerseys
and ivy league diplomas,
when all they want is to be loved...

to be loved for who they are and what
their own dreams may be...without the soft
lens of our out of focus lives lived
vicariously through their accomplishments

when she was just a toddler, I gave her tutus
and fairy wands, be-ribboned crowns
and princess shoes covered in glitter,
shoes that promised to make all your
dreams come true if only you
clicked your heels and turned round twice...

One afternoon I found her in the garden
turning and clicking...hoping I would stop
dreaming her life away...

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