Thursday, May 26, 2011

"I am but a girl..."

"And I will set
my tabernacle among you..."

Oh please,
not me...

I am but a girl
a simple temple maid.

I am not ready
for a temple to be set
within me...

I am not ready for a
a tabernacle,
to be built
among the folds of my day,
my womb, my life,
the ebbing and flowing of my
my community...

I am still only engaged...
please could You wait...
just wait a little while
for me to be married

let my life be better prepared,
more perfectly settled,
a life of honor...of dignity...

and when my life is ready
I will be happy to have
your tabernacle,
set...within me...

But for now...please, just let me
simply serve
in your temple...

It will be
less shocking,
more acceptable,
this way...

I am but a girl
not a rabbi,
or a prophet,
I cannot do this thing
You ask...

I am not the Rabbi's wife..

oh yes,
that's the answer...
choose her.

She would be perfect.
Her life is perfectly prepared
for a temple of this weight.

She would be honored,
thrilled to be chosen
as a vessel
to carry your Son.

I am but a girl...just a girl...

But still,
that said,
am a temple maid,
your servant,
the handmaid of the Lord...

"be it unto me,
according to Thy Word..."

"blessed art thou...."

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