Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"a crack in the sky...".

"“Your pain
is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding... "
- Kahlil Gibran

I woke within a dream
to find myself
gazing up at
hairline cracks in
a tiffany blue sky

that once shifted in shape
before my eyes
were shredding,
peeling from the
like gossamer sheets of paint
falling from a
false ceiling beyond my reach

and below me, beneath me,
around my naked,
scarred body,
a soft sea rocked and
buoyed me,
lifting me higher and higher
towards the
crack in the sky...

I stretch my arms
my body no
longer rigid, but
easy and pliant in the
rhythm of the sea
its pulsing silence
filling my ears with serenity's song...

"come out
they call to me from
a vanishing shore

but I cannot

tears are
all the words I have left,
they fill this self-sea with
the poetry of silence
an echo of forgiveness, and
a whispered mercy...

each tear causes the sea of compassion
to rise higher and
higher beneath me
and I discover that with
each teardrop,
I am closer to the fissure in
the shattered sky...

The salt-soaked waters
cleanse and heal my
open wounds,
sorrows once buried
rise to the surface like bubbles of
escaped sulphur from
a brimstone

I smile with
compassion on this
whose sharp edges
dissolve within the saline
sea of tears
I weep...

higher and higher it lifts me
towards the crack in my world of
soft blue delusion, of all
I thought I was
discover I am not...

with each
thought soars,
and I come closer to emerging
from this
fragile orb
of self
to find I am
alive in the
hollow of His

and free...

“Emerge gently
from matter into Spirit. Think not
to thwart the ultimate of all things...”
― M. B. Eddy

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