Saturday, June 11, 2011

"the power of Love..."

"The lightnings and thunderbolts
of error may burst and flash
till the cloud is cleared
and the tumult dies away in the distance.
Then the raindrops of divinity refresh the earth."

- Mary Baker Eddy

It blew in without warning
bending trees,
driving small birds under
the wings their
mothers, and
lighting the nightsky
with a bursting flash
of sudden wonder...

and as the power fades from
lamps, and fans, and all the ways
we entertain
the silence descends like
a soft white sheet
down around us until
there is nothing to hear,
but the sound of our surprise

we open windows that
rarely slip from their casements
and the sound of rain
gentle, then urgent,
washes through the room
carried on the sweet freshness of
the wind from a summer

books, candles, the song of
rain, our family
gathered together in the middle
of a big bed covered with
pillows and quilts and
a soft puppy curled at
our feet...

there is a soft, collective
that fills our home
as the darkness
draws us
and the sound of
rain sings a

and we know a
power that
cannot be

the power of Love...

"There remaineth therefore
a rest to the people of God."
- Paul

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