Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"as the wind blows o'er the plains..."

 "As the ruby
in the setting,
as the fruit
upon the tree,
as the wind blows
over the plains --
so are you to me..."

- k. bode

You are my love
You are the Love of my life
Yours is the first face I seek
when I wake in the morning
Yours is the first hand
upon my heart.

You are all that I have ever hoped for.

When I am empty,
Your love fills me with purpose

When I am full
You give me ways
to empty my soul
into the hands of the hungry,
the sorrowing,
the sick and weary --
so that I am ready
for more.

You are my
"safe place
to fall"

No one else
could ever really know the curves,
the rough places --
the crooked and straight,
the narrow and dark spaces
of my life
so well as You.

Our fit so perfect
that there are
no pressure points
to leave me aching
for relief.

When the world seems
to crash
in around the edges of my peace
and the demons scream
that I am
vulnerable and small,
You, and only You
"you are stronger than diamonds,
brighter than reflected light,
than the love
you think
you are longing for..."

You are
my every reason for taking
the next breath
my Cause for joy,
the only One who gives purpose
to my moments,
my minutes,
stacked -- one-by-one --

until they create
an hour,
a day,
a year....a life.

You are the place
I run to
but never from

My "Home away from home"
never leave

You are the voice I listen for
in the quiet of the morning
when I
am conscious of life,
but not yet aware of
my own skin.

You are my Life.

I am Your own.

We live in a dance of
Father and child,
Mind and idea,
Love and loved.

I love You with all my being.
I cannot live without Your love,
because you are all that is
or ever will be
You are
the I AM that I am.

You are the center of my
my home,
my heaven within God.

"Principle and
its idea
is one,
and this one
is God...”

~ Mary Baker Eddy

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