Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"the weight of stillness…"

 "be still..."
- Psalms

She comes to me in the night
like a young maiden in moccasins
tiptoeing silently over soft pine needles
i must be perfectly still
to hear Her soft touch
against the earth

to feel the weight
of Her message
on my heart…

"feel Her
presence in the
whispering woods....”

~ Samuel

"being drawn…"

 "through the scent of water
it will bud,
and bring forth boughs
like a plant.."
- Job

my leaves seek the Sun
my roots reach toward Water,
i yield to the Wind,
i search out
the deepest places of the earth

i have no self-volition
i am drawn into shape
by Her
hand ...

I have loved thee
with an everlasting love:
with lovingkindness
have I drawn thee....”

~ Jeremiah

[artwork: Jamie Heiden Photography]