Sunday, April 24, 2011

"and craved the body of Jesus..."

"...went boldly unto Pilate,
and craved the
body of Jesus....

and he bought fine linen,
and took him down,
and wrapped
him in the linen..."

this is my weeping place,
my holy,
resting place...

this is the place I go
when it's time
to shatter the
ego's obsession with self
and sense.

this is the model of
courage, and

and, oh such grace

I seek
to be the man,
the woman,
craves the body
of Jesus...

to crave,
ache for the body,
the collective examples,
the integrity
of him...

the one
who was willing to
give all
for me,
and them,
and each of us
forever more...

To be
like Joseph of
so fearless in the face of Pilate's
company, so
bold before their wrath,
to have no pride,
tone willing to identify myself with the Christ,
when even his nearest and
dearest were denying
they even knew him...

to choose the linen,
and to wind the cloth...just so...

to tenderly fashion a
chysalis of dignity,
respect, sublime silence
and gentle care...

i want to be this

more than anything, I want
to be this....

to boldy claim
my desire for him

to crave
the embodied Christ,
body of
his life...

in every tear,
in every whispered shame,
in the lowered eye
and when stooped in sorrow....

to crave the
body of

to hunger for the symbol,
the form,
the written
the Word made flesh...
that dwelt among us

to boldy ask...

to be like

Joseph of

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